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This course is not a revamped, upgraded version of Honors Chemistry, but rather an in-depth study of more advanced chemical concepts. The course is challenging to both academic content and laboratory procedure. You will be challenged academically, yet the workload is not unbearable.  Spring registration is required so that you can access materials over the summer on ElfordChemistry.com to prepare for day 1. New Concepts include: Oxidation-Reduction Titrations, Net-Ionic Equations, Thermochemistry, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Buffers, Thermodynamics, and Electrochemistry.

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This course will study matter and its interactions.  We will explore the lab techniques and safety, atomic theory, interatomic bonding (ionic, covalent and metallic), chemical reactions, solution preparation, kinetic theory of matter and phase changes, acid and bases, and gas laws.  This is composed of a lecture period 5 days a week with an additional 2 periods / week for labs.

This site is a resource for the SRAHS Chemistry Club.  This is an American Chemical Society Chem Club that received its charter in January 2018.